Friday night in Berlin

Riding the metro in Berlin is great, so we started the evening program with a metro ride from Berlin Mitte to Schöneberg where the Lindemanns Hotel was, only to get changed and to meet an hour later to ride back again to Berlin Mitte. At least on the way back Christina and Sophie had some ‘fuel’.IMG_9978

We had a reservation at Dudu (thanks Christina!!!), apparently immensely popular and correctly so. The food was amazing, but the place was packed, the seating was extremely crowded, super dark and loud (here we go again with the saying: ‘If the music is too loud, you’re too old’. But also our spring chickens felt it was loud. So…).IMG_9986IMG_9988IMG_9992

We ordered the choice of rolls menu for the four of us and the food was way better than it looks on the picture. Plus the restaurant had some Austrian wine which we shared. At 10pm sharp we had to leave and due to the fact that you share your table, we acquired some ‘hobbits’. With them we went to the Fleischerei. You enter the shop and go to the back where you ring a bell in phone booth. Then a little window opens in the door and out looks a waitress who brings you to your table. Absolutely amazing! For the G&T drinkers among you: at least 10 different gins are available with different tonics. All well explained by a very helpful girl. That I ordered one that tasted a bit bland was definitely not her fault.

From there we went to Crackers, the club recommendation we got from the actor. As it turned out the kitchen was waiting for us although the reservation was for 11pm (do people really eat that late?). The place looked great, but was not a club at all. Rather a restaurant with a bar. Looked very stylish and prices were on the steep side but far from dancing and partying. Nevertheless we ordered dessert and had a chocolate cake and a rice pudding. Both were bland, still no pictures though. Would probably have been to dark anyway. But have two pictures from the place itself.IMG_9993IMG_9994

Since Crackers was a disappointment we followed the lead of the ‘hobbits’ and went to their club of choice. The Bravo Bar was certainly a club but not exactly our kind of place. Anyway, we stayed for a beer then hopped in a cab, the ‘hobbits’ still hopeful and tagging along. Next stop was Watergate, a real club this time which was also noticeable by the line-up in front. No line-up for us though, too tired and too old. We stayed in the cab while the ‘hobbits’ realized that nothing would happen for them. At least not with ‘our’ girls. So they got off while we drove back to Schöneberg.

And because we were hungry after such a long night out, we made one last stop before going to bed. Pascha Grill was located right across the street from our hotel. The night before we paid it a short visit to get something to drink and noticed that the place was packed. And that everything looked delicious. So instead of eating the obligatory sausage as we would have done in Vienna, we had some Adana kebap and kofta.IMG_9997IMG_9998

And that’s the depressing look of Pascha Grill the next morning.
Yours, PollybertIMG_9999


Berlin, here we come

Thursday afternoon we made our way to Berlin. An idea that was hatched in December finally took off. Instead of the usual five at Christmas IMG_9141

the three of us (Christina, Christoph and I) went to see Sophie.

This time I already started taking pictures on the plane which drew Christoph’s wrath on me but I couldn’t help myself.IMG_9808

So glad we booked on Austrian since LH was striking again by the way.

Sophie picked us up from the airport and by bus we made our way to Schöneberg.  We had to change once and while waiting for the next bus we sampled one of the local beverages.IMG_9810

Once at the hotel Christoph and I checked in while the girls had to go a bit further to Sophie’s place. A meeting time was agreed on for later and we settled in at the Lindemanns.

A short metro ride laterIMG_9813

we made our first stop of the evening at Dada Falafel where we had excellent vegetarian dishes after even I got convinced that meat was not an option anymore on that evening.IMG_9815    IMG_9816IMG_9817  IMG_9821  IMG_9823  IMG_9825 From there we looked for a bar to continue the evening. After walking around for a bit (which sounds shorter now than it actually was) we hopped on the metro again and went eventually to the Wuergeengel. After a last drink there we called it a night and home we went. And this now sounds earlier than it actually was. Yours, Pollybert