More of Shanghai

The next morning dawned bright and new and with a sunny ‘Good morning’ from my Korean roommates. After a lazy western breakfast with eggs and beans at the hostel restaurant I was ready to start the day.
From The Times list I decided to do no. 2 the Fuxing Park (check!!) in the French Concession Quarter. It was only a short metro ride and a little walk around (why I am always walking first in the wrong direction is beyond me) I was in the park. And it was exactly as described. Lots of people around, dancing, doing Tai chi (check !!!), or just sitting or even sleeping. And not just old people, rather from all ages. I really wonder why there are always so many people around (besides the obvious reason that they are a lot people), don’t they have work to do? The park itself was beautiful and lush, the weather being warm but not too hot. What more could I want for people watching?IMG_2890 IMG_2891 IMG_2892 IMG_2894 IMG_2896 IMG_2897On the way through the French Concession Quarter I later stopped for soup. Pictures in restaurant are really helpful, will never talk bad about them anymore.IMG_2898


Walking further through the area brought me to a nice coffee place where I then decided to follow the metro plan and go see the Catholic Church in Shanghai. On my arrival there the first thing I noticed was the wedding that went on. Not so much the wedding as the photo shoot.

This I had already noticed in several cities seemed to be super popular. There is always a team of at least three people around the couple, the photographer, the make-up artist and the assistant. All three of the busy in putting the couple into the best light. Like in Europe May appeared to be the favorite month for weddings.IMG_2901 IMG_2902 IMG_2906


Since I was in the area I checked out another park just a couple of blocks away. While sitting there I wrote all my postcards and then decided that I would go to the movies tonight. I needed a break from Chinese food and wanted classic entertainment.IMG_2911 IMG_2912 IMG_2915 IMG_2916 IMG_2917 IMG_2918

Upon leaving the park I happened on this group of pink ladies. They really had a fabulous choreography going.IMG_2925 IMG_2926 IMG_2927

At the movies I had the choice between two movies (see, I never doubted they would show English films) and I went for the Avengers: Age of Ultron. The 3D movie came with a hefty ticket price 120Yuan or 20 Euro. Wow, at this price I would never go at home. No wonder the theater was almost empty.
While waiting for the film to start I walked around the mall in which the cinema was located and was astonished of the variety of shops. Austria is shopping wise in the Stone Age compared to China. That’s unbelievable what they have here. And the shops are not cheap. So maybe they are all making really good money or some people are so rich to keep it all going.IMG_2928 IMG_2929 IMG_2930The movie then was super and I had really fun seeing it (except for the little boy behind me who kept hitting my seat). Still it was a great evening that got better when I came to the hostel. The Korean girls were already there, telling me all about the Matisse exhibition they went to (so mature!) and then gave me a face mask and a black head remover strip. I thought that really nice but don’t understand why and how they could even see I need it. It was so dark in the room we never had more light than “extreme romantic” level. Yours, Pollybert


Five chicks and a sleepover

A great way to spend the weekend is to hang out with your friends. All the better when this is planned for a Saturday evening (which is really not such a great evening to go out to begin with) and includes a home-cooked meal plus some chick flicks.

Let me disappoint you right away, there won’t be any pyjama pictures. But I have some pictures for the foodies of you thanks to Sandra. Cat and I started by going shopping in the afternoon, hitting three different stores to finally get an organic chicken. The rest of the ingredients were found quickly interrupted by short discussions about buying more stuff. It’s not so easy going shopping with Cat when she is hungry. A firm hand is needed here.

Upon arriving at Cat’s place we prepared the bird and the vegetables. We really wanted to eat something light and healthy especially since the dessert from Sandra only looked guilt-free (but was so good!). 007008
It looked like a very happy chicken, don’t you think? Especially once it got a bit of a color and we added the vegetables to the pan.009

By now we were complete after a spontaneous arrival from Leni. I have to take a page out of her book for flexibility! Great call of her to come because the four of us devoured the bird. The Before and After of the chicken:010

From the chicken it was only a small step to go over to the next course, the dessert.016 On the right you can see the delicious galette from Sandra, on top a rich and creamy raspberry chocolate tarte from Fruth (a thank-you gift for babysitting from Ute) and lots of jelly sweets from our hostess.When we finally started with the first chick flick this is how the dessert table looked:014
But rest assured that most of the candy and all the galette got eaten during Love, Rosie and Crazy, Stupid, Love (not even Photoshop would have helped to make our abs look like Ryan Gosling’s after this evening).

All of this got washed down with rosé in every form (sparkling or regular). Once you choose a color it is good to stay with it. Anyway it fit with the vibe of the evening. It was the perfect girls night in which ended the next morning after a hearty breakfast (who would have thought that we could eat again?) and another movie.
Yours, Pollybert