On Market

After a lazy stroll around the Freihausviertel and the Naschmarkt, we settled on ON Market for dinner. Evi and I were joined by Cat which made dinner all the merrier. Love it when there are more plates to try from.

Anyway here is the restaurant, beautiful as ever. The huge ceiling lamp has such a big impact style-wise. This and the clothes panels give the place a very distinct feeling. 012013

For drinks I decided on something new and tried the cherry soda. Definitely something you should avoid, tasted totally chemical. For the same color go for the raspberry soda, 014has probably the same chemicals inside but tasted way better.

The menu overwhelmed us a bit with lots of delicious sounding descriptions. Besides the regular menu there are also weekly changing dishes. We finally ended up ordering squid, spicy beef and Asian fish & chips.015
I know the squid looks weird but was excellent. Very juicy and cooked to perfection, easy to cut and not rubbery at all (rarely achieved in Vienna).

016Spicy means hot here, even though it looked harmless it was far from it. So if you can’t take the heat, order it toned down.

017Must have been really good because when I wanted to try it, the fish was already gone.

It was as usual a pleasure to eat here and I loved it that the service has improved.
Yours, Pollybert


An afternoon stroll through Vienna

Usually I spend my Saturday afternoons on the couch, reading a book, following sport on TV or just taking a nap. But once in while I can be enticed to wander around in Vienna. Ok, that was maybe exaggerated. I don’t wander aimlessly around in Vienna. I don’t care so much because I am not a tourist in my city. And this is the problem. Vienna has so much to offer if one cares enough to take a closer look! Which I did last Saturday with my friend Evi. We walked around the Freihausviertel and a bit further afield and after a while I started to take some pictures. There were really some gorgeous shops in the area.

Take a look at this one, called Elfenkleid.006002
003 Just the way all these clothes were hanging from one color to the next was so beautiful. And then this tasteful flower arrangement on the desk. Very impressive!

A bit further we found a shop called sattGarten which was full of cosmetic brands I have never heard before.011
They closed immediately after we left, maybe they were tired of people like us just looking (and by looking I mean of course touching because how can you otherwise look? I prefer the haptic look) at everything but not buying anything. We circled the shop once and after a couple of inquiring questions from Evi we left.008009

Our last shopping stop was at Bananas, a furniture store with stuff from almost all decades of the last century. There were a few things I would have taken home with me if I had the necessary space. In the end I found something (or rather Evi when she went back there on Monday). But this is a surprise for someone else.
Yours, Pollybert

Good morning Berlin 

The first full day in Berlin started with a lazy breakfast. We had already decided beforehand that we rather wanted to go for breakfast than eat at the hotel. So on this sunny morning we met Christina and Sophie at ‘their’ corner. While waiting for them we wondered what the people across the street were doing. It looked weird, like a gathering of deranged ‘Twilight’ fans. Turned out though that they were only trying to watch the partial sun eclipse.

Which was a great idea, so we looked for a moment as well (didn’t want to get a sunburnt imprint on my retina from looking too long) and then headed on to Bitter und Süß. This small coffeehouse had an eclectic mix of food and furniture. I had the English breakfast, while the girls shared an étagère.IMG_9841  IMG_9832  IMG_9837  IMG_9839  IMG_9840

Using the perfect weather we made our way to the Türkenmarkt (Turkish Market) along the Maybach bank. The market reminded me of the Naschmarkt in Vienna, although it looked less permanent and was a lot more diverse in regards to the produce. Also there were a lot of food stalls and all looked so fresh and appetizing. The girls loved especially the Quark Bar. And I had to try it as well, it tasted super yummy!IMG_9857IMG_9858IMG_9859IMG_9860IMG_9861IMG_9862IMG_9863IMG_9865IMG_9866IMG_9867IMG_9868IMG_9871IMG_9874

There was also music and people listening to it in the sunshine while others had their stall closed and went for prayer. The atmosphere was very open and inviting, very different from Vienna after all.IMG_9870IMG_9856

By then it was already early afternoon and it was time for some sightseeing. Not all of our little vacation was about fun and dance. But more about that later.
Yours, Pollybert

Eating in color

So what’s the most important meal of the day? Right, lunch of course. This is the meal that breaks up your work day and gives you a chance to relax a bit in the middle of the day.
Sure enough, most days are spent with a sandwich at the desk (ok, maybe not only a sandwich) but once in a while we saunter outside for something more nutritious.

For these outings we now found a new place within walking distance from the office after our usual culinary haven closed for lunch. I can only recommend the Gasthaus Stafler to the utmost for dinner though. Great home-cooked meals with fresh products and all served in an unpretentious atmosphere. You can’t do better food-wise.

002For lunch we now have to roam a bit further but the Meidlinger Markt is still within walking distance. Lunching at a market always feels a bit like a holiday, doesn’t matter if it is the upscale Naschmarkt (more on it here) or the more rural Meidlinger Markt. More than a year ago the Milchbart opened which is great as well but has less tables available. Our new go-to place at the market is called Purple Eat. I read about it when it opened and the purpose of the place is great. It gives asylum seekers something to do while they are waiting for their applications to be processed and we locals can profit by enjoying very diverse home-cooked meals. Take a look of a couple of lunches that we sampled there (sorry about the bitten-in sandwich, but as you know once the food is on the table there is nothing stopping me). Lunch by the way consists of a small starter, one main dish in either vegetarian version or with meat and a dessert.

003 004 005 001 002 005
091090 092 095005006004002

The face my colleague makes has nothing to do with the food and probably more with his extracurricular activities outside of the office. If you are around, go ahead and taste something new. They also offer a big variety of different vodkas.
Yours, Pollybert


Under pressure

I got an email today from a nosy friend requesting another post. Although I tried to explain here that sometimes there is not a lot happening which would be worth a post. But sure, let me tell you what’s going on in my life right now.

In the last couple of weeks I have made it through all the “Best Picture Nominations” for the Academy Awards. This alone shows you that I have been extremely busy. After seeing all of them, do I agree with the Academy? I am not sure; “12 years a slave” is by far not the most entertaining picture. But looking in back in 20 years it will still be a picture worth the award. And this is more than I can say about the others. What I enjoyed the most was “August: Osage County” and interestingly enough “Nebraska”. Who would have thought that I liked the black and white picture best? But the story behind is so realistic, just loved it! And Meryl Streep in Osage County is such a bitch, it’s worth your time!

Furthermore I read the book for the book club among others although I will not attend the club this time. I instead am going on vacation. Yes, you read correctly, I will be going on vacation again (finally!). I will go in April for a week and I will take another week in June. So there you go, something to look forward to for all of us. For me because I will be travelling and for you because there will be a lot of new content.

Since the weather is so fine in Vienna and the cat’s out of the house at the moment, I enjoyed two lovely lunches at the Naschmarkt this week. 016 018
The food was just too good to take any pictures but my preferred place for lunch is the Orient Occident at the moment. Service is slow once the garden is open (which triples the seating but number of staff stays the same) which doesn’t matter since the food is amazing and the sun is shining!

More update coming soon and until then I don’t want to hear any complaints!
Yours, Pollybert

PS: Oh yes, and for the other one of my friends who doesn’t want to read about my running progress: I am still running, I try to every week but at least once every two weeks. We signed up for the Austrian Women’s Run on May 25th. I am not sure if at the moment I can even run the time I had at the New Year’s Run however there are still a couple of weeks to go. Also spring is here, so no more excuses and we are fully committed to running our personal best!

PPS: Remember “Under pressure” from Queen? Here a version with David Bowie! Freddie Mercury is still one of the best!!