My NYE resolution and I had a heart to heart talk and we agreed on doing something together. We are currently participating in a squat challenge and are very proud that we already did day 2 so far. I found it per chance on Facebook and downloaded the picture right away. Feel free to take part in it too.
Yours, Pollybert

How the new year is shaping up so far

I started the new year with a cold which has progressed now to a cold with a cough which is getting worse daily. Great start into the new year and that although I am supposed to have a great year (check here and here how your year will be).

Never mind I used my time wisely and watched a lot of TV, finished “Breaking Bad“; I know, I know, I am very late to the game, but still…what a show! Upon finishing with BB I started with “Marco Polo” which so far keeps me enthralled. The rest of the time was spent in bed, sleeping a lot and reading a bit. I am struggling a bit with the Haiti series, interesting topic but soooo slow to read. The information here is plainly overwhelming for it to be a quick read.

I also “survived” my first full week back at work. Christmas break was wonderful even though I didn’t take vacation. The national holidays fell so good this year that I had 5 full days to relax. Not that anything is left from this relaxation. Week 1 and 2 in my line of work are always super busy and I felt it this year. My cold is not getting any better and I am not getting enough sleep. But that’s maybe not due to work but rather a problem at work.

Because life outside of the office is still going strong. Lots of dinner invitation which are absolutely not helping with my resolution to start shedding the pounds. Maybe this is because the resolution is annual? Like a boomerang this resolution hits me every year. And one of my friend’s calls me a yo-yo. But couldn’t it be the fault of the resolution? It is just not helping! I am making up my mind to do something and really try my best to lose the weight. But then shouldn’t the resolution support me in this and also pull its weight in the right direction, aka down the scales and not up? I mean we made a deal on NYE to really do the best we can this year and it simply doesn’t work if only one of us is doing its job!

So my resolution and I are going to have a bit of a discussion about all this miscommunication. We are definitely starting week 3 on the right track this time and pull both our weight! Possible that I have a bit more of that than my resolution, but it’s the thought that counts! Ha, not true at all. I am not talking about attending the Olympic Games were being part of it is already enough. I want to be winner and come out on top or rather lower on the scales.
Yours, Pollybert


Starting out lazy

The new year is already a couple of weeks old and I haven’t really written anything. So what can I saw except that I am a lazy cow? Sorry!

001 I have been only lazy on the writing front though, having continued with going to HIIT classes twice a week and running every week. This week we finally cracked the 8k mark. Our goal is a 10k run in April. Let’s see if we can get there and if we achieve it in a reasonable time. No point in running a 10k race when it takes me more than 1:10h (a long, long time ago I did a half-marathon in 2:06h). As you can see we were slow but at least it’s a start. During a race I am usually faster anyway what with all the adrenalin. But I really wish my training runs could be a bit faster as well. I know we have to insert sprints again to get the time going, so far I just feel lucky that I even finish. Anyway, this is only the beginning. I don’t want to be too tough on myself, we still have a couple of weeks until the race.

The first vacation of the year is looming ahead. I am leaving on Friday to go skiing for a couple of days. I am not so sure about the weather though and if it’s not really sunny and nice I might just spend my days at a spa. Also with the unseasonal warm weather in Austria there is only a thin layer of snow and the rest on top is all artificial. But no matter what, I am leaving Vienna and only come back on Monday night. Isn’t that a great way to start the new year?

As a New Year’s resolution I decided this year to forgo one. I have been really good lately sportswise and otherwise. At least I like to think so. Therefore I have earned myself a year just going on as before. I love my life so why should I change anything about it? What do you think?
Yours, Pollybert