On Market

After a lazy stroll around the Freihausviertel and the Naschmarkt, we settled on ON Market for dinner. Evi and I were joined by Cat which made dinner all the merrier. Love it when there are more plates to try from.

Anyway here is the restaurant, beautiful as ever. The huge ceiling lamp has such a big impact style-wise. This and the clothes panels give the place a very distinct feeling. 012013

For drinks I decided on something new and tried the cherry soda. Definitely something you should avoid, tasted totally chemical. For the same color go for the raspberry soda, 014has probably the same chemicals inside but tasted way better.

The menu overwhelmed us a bit with lots of delicious sounding descriptions. Besides the regular menu there are also weekly changing dishes. We finally ended up ordering squid, spicy beef and Asian fish & chips.015
I know the squid looks weird but was excellent. Very juicy and cooked to perfection, easy to cut and not rubbery at all (rarely achieved in Vienna).

016Spicy means hot here, even though it looked harmless it was far from it. So if you can’t take the heat, order it toned down.

017Must have been really good because when I wanted to try it, the fish was already gone.

It was as usual a pleasure to eat here and I loved it that the service has improved.
Yours, Pollybert

An afternoon stroll through Vienna

Usually I spend my Saturday afternoons on the couch, reading a book, following sport on TV or just taking a nap. But once in while I can be enticed to wander around in Vienna. Ok, that was maybe exaggerated. I don’t wander aimlessly around in Vienna. I don’t care so much because I am not a tourist in my city. And this is the problem. Vienna has so much to offer if one cares enough to take a closer look! Which I did last Saturday with my friend Evi. We walked around the Freihausviertel and a bit further afield and after a while I started to take some pictures. There were really some gorgeous shops in the area.

Take a look at this one, called Elfenkleid.006002
003 Just the way all these clothes were hanging from one color to the next was so beautiful. And then this tasteful flower arrangement on the desk. Very impressive!

A bit further we found a shop called sattGarten which was full of cosmetic brands I have never heard before.011
They closed immediately after we left, maybe they were tired of people like us just looking (and by looking I mean of course touching because how can you otherwise look? I prefer the haptic look) at everything but not buying anything. We circled the shop once and after a couple of inquiring questions from Evi we left.008009

Our last shopping stop was at Bananas, a furniture store with stuff from almost all decades of the last century. There were a few things I would have taken home with me if I had the necessary space. In the end I found something (or rather Evi when she went back there on Monday). But this is a surprise for someone else.
Yours, Pollybert

A great weekend

In my rush to tell you all about the ‘Nightrun‘ I totally forgot to write about last weekend which was great. The weekend started out beautiful, sunny and with still moderate temperatures. I saw a friend for a late coffee and we met at the Meierei in the Volksgarten. Now the place itself you can totally forget. It’s good for coffee but not much else. But the location is beautiful. It is right next to the Theseus temple which has just been reopened again after renovation (ok, it is more than two years ago). Looks beautiful, no? The Hofburg didn’t look to shabby either and I had to stop to take a picture. The contrails above it were crisscrossing each other and looked so beautiful, I got this urge to leave Vienna soon.


On the table next to us was a lady having a late lunch and quite a few sparrows were trying to get the remains of her soup.


So the birds were out in full to enjoy the last warm days. We did the same and went for ice-cream.


20131005-144056.jpgAfter an afternoon well spent, a deserved nap on the couch and a preparation run for the Night Run the evening was reserved for a belated birthday celebration. We were meeting at the ON market, a very stylish restaurant/bar place. It had just opened this summer, I have been there once for lunch which was excellent and once for breakfast which so-so. Dinner turned out to be a very tasty affair. The asian tapas we had for starters were delicious, my lamb liver for the main course as well but most interesting was the cocktail we had after dinner. It was called something like ON Summer or summer something, and it was with Gin and cucumber. Weird combination but it worked! It definitely had the wow effect because I went out dancing until 4 in the morning and got a piggyback ride home. No further details, just enjoy the pictures.




Sunday morning was hard but it was Election Day for the National Assembly and the girls were waiting for brunch. So no sleeping in for me but rather a harsh getting up after less than four hours of sleep. On the other hand if you know that a breakfast like this

20131005-185121.jpgawaits you, it’s a big motivator.

The rest of the day passed in some kind of blur meaning I took some well needed rest and then went to the theater in the evening. With my friend Ali I went to the ‘Theater in der Josefstadt’ to see Jaegerstaetter, a man who objected due to conscientious reasons WWII and got executed for it. To read more about him, click here. The production of the play and the acting of the whole ensemble was great, go and see it if you still have a chance. Excellent performance! On this high note a wonderful exciting weekend ended.
Yours, Pollybert