Lazy days

I have to revise my critic on the ‘I heart’ series. Having finished book number five now, ‘I heart London’, I am still enjoying it. It is in the end a very fun and entertaining read, the main characters grow on you, even though I find heroine quite silly from time to time. But her guy is absolutely delicious! And, and this is the main reason I am revising my judgement, it is absolutely addicting. Isn’t that every author’s dream? That his readers are staying with him. I do, I really got hooked. Have not expected it, but here we are. Can’t wait for November when ‘I heart Christmas’ comes out.

I have started meanwhile with a new book, ‘The language of Flowers’ by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I don’t think I will ever buy flowers again just because I like the color. There is a deeper meaning, long forgotten, behind every flower. Like a single pink carnation meaning: I will never forget you. Who ever wanted to get a carnation? But now I want to and I would really treasure it. Ok, maybe only if I know that the other person knows about the secret meaning as well. Otherwise it’s just a carnation…


The heat spell broke finally yesterday and after a big thunderstorm last night, the air is crisp and clear this morning. Amazing to go outside again and not feel completely drenched in sweat!
Since summer is now starting to come to an end, I needed something to perk me up. I started using the Korres shower gel and body lotion that I bought while on vacation in Rhodes. I am sure it will help me to prolong the summer feeling.

It smells amazing and my day just started so much better!
Yours Pollybert

New masterplan

After an amazing weekend with parties all around, my friends beside me and an abundance of sunshine I went to my second class of HIIT yesterday. Today my legs feel like pudding but way better than last time. Hopefully my Pilates class in the evening will improve everything else.

If you are wondering where this new sporty ambition is coming from: I have decided to take some drastic measures to lose the extra weight I put on over the last year. The more I talked about losing a bit, the more I gained. After seeing myself in the bikini shots from Rhodes, I knew it was time to do something. And still… even this didn’t help. I tried cutting carbs in the evening and just eating healthier, doing a bit more sports and so on. Nothing, nada, nul. I just enjoy eating too much!

So now I have a different approach, having decided to keep it with Kate Moss: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. She also added though that “you try to remember, but it never works”. I don’t want to be stick thin (not that there is any danger). I am way too old for that because being skinny would also make me look like an old hag. No, no, I need a bit of fat to look fresh. The glow is long gone and I never had a peachy complexion, but I don’t want age prematurely by weight loss. What a waste of good body fat (also hard-earned).

I started yesterday with EODD (every other day diet) or 10in2. Basically it is one day eating, one day not eating. So far, so easy. I started with the not eating yesterday and I was ok. I was really, really hungry around lunch time but the rest of the day was not hard. Especially after my HIIT class I was glad to be home, just sat on the balcony enjoying a glass of wine (you are allowed to have one on the 0 days).

My goal is to go through with it for three weeks and then see if there is any progress and if there is (hopefully, cause isn’t that the reason I am doing all this?) then to decide if I go on (meaning did I lose enough to keep me going). Not that I am expecting a miracle (although that would be nice) but a change would be very much appreciated (ahem, a must actually what with all the sacrifices). I have another bikini vacation looming ahead and I need to look a lot hotter than last month.
Yours, Pollybert

PS: I finished reading ‘I heart New York’ and ‘I heart Hollywood’ by Lindsey Kelk. The first one was very funny, fresh and just so nice to read. Like a fluffy cake without the guilt trip. The second book was not as good as the first one, but I liked the girl and wanted to know what goes on in her life. The guilt of the fluffy cake had definitely started. The book was an advertising bible on where to go shopping and which designers to buy. Not that I minded so much but it got fairly bland. Still I started with ‘I heart Paris’, and so far so bad. I think the series is taking a turn for the worse and I am not sure it’s coming back to its former glory. Let’s see how it goes though, otherwise goodbye Angela Clark.

Life’s a beach

We spent the whole day yesterday at our little ‘private’ beach. The mostly English people in our hotel Vallian Village tend to stay at the pool (for which they reserve the sun chairs around 6am), so we and a couple of local youngsters are the only ones at the beach every day. Early afternoon we go for a sandwich and ice coffee to the ‘Whispery Sea’, the only available beach bar. They are kind of stuck in the 80s music wise and I feel quite young listening to Europe (The final countdown) and others (wish my memory was better, maybe not so young after all).
Last evening we forwent dinner at the hotel (everybody was right that when English people rate food as excellent it is a far cry from edible) and headed into Paradisi for beer and food. We were greeted at the bar like regulars (what an achievement at the second visit, might have something to do with the lack of other tourists) and got invited for a beer (cheers!).
Thoroughly enjoyable day, made even better with the knowledge that Vienna it was raining at 13 degrees!
Yours, Pollybert





After a long wedding party and a short night at the airport we arrived in Rhodes yesterday at 9am. Blue sky, high temperatures and the sea were waiting for us. And that’s all we did. Spent our first day at the beach (after a nap in the room), then walked into Paradisi for a cold beer.

I finished ‘The fault in our stars’ by John Green and spent the better part if this evening crying. Woke up the next morning with eyes like a zombie, but was asked at work if I had partied hard the night before. As if I ever do? The book was beautiful, a difficult subject, but amazingly up-lifting. I like to take a message with me, and John Green delivers.
Started with ‘Life after life’ by Kate Atkinson and the book is great so far, very twisted and interesting to see how narrow the thin line is between life and death.
Will leave you with some pics.
Yours, Pollybert





Heat wave or missing bike

After all the rain, floods and bad weather we are now suffering from sweltering heat in Vienna. What’s the matter with the weather?

I wish I could use the weather as an excuse for not participating in the sprint triathlon, but I have to be honest with myself (and you). I trained for it (maybe not enough) but the hoped for weight loss effect never materialized. I had bought my tri suit last year (I already supported a sprint triathlon event with my registration fee once before) on eBay. Hating to spend a fortune for sports equipment not knowing if I will ever use it again, I was looking for a bargain. I was exited when I saw a tri suit for a steal, the downside being the size though. The suit was in XS. Now, last year I was not so far away from maybe loosing a bit of weight to fit in it, but this year I grew (literally) further away from the suit. So when I tried it on, it got stuck at my knees. I was astonished to notice that it didn’t budge, there seemed to be no spandex inside. What a disappointment, I had to cancel my appearance at this sports event(I also had no bike and helmet at that time. The suit was only one of my problems).
Still I am tempted to try again next year, I even went to the gym on Tuesday bicycling for almost an hour. Let’s see how this goes in the next couple of months, will keep you posted about any progress I might make.

On this Tuesday after the gym session I went to Mochi again. Was invited there for my birthday just a couple of weeks ago and noticed then that it is place I have to frequent more often. The food was amazing, well seasoned and fresh. And service was excellent! We were only leaving because the mosquitos were eating us alive!

I finished “Winter of the World” Ken Follet and the so-so impression I already had of his latest work just intensified. What a shame that he doesn’t write better anymore. One gets the impression he is paid by word count. On the other hand I finished it and will probably read the last installment in the series as well, just to know what’s happening with the characters. Not that I have grown fond of them, for that Follet doesn’t draw them too well, but I kind of got used to them being in my life the last 20 days.
I started something different yesterday and am now reading “The fault in our stars” by John Green. Not an easy subject, but he writes in such an easy way. I love reading his books, mostly devouring them in one go.

Tonight is my book club meeting where we will discuss “The Bell jar” by Sylvia Plath. I read it also in one sitting. It still lingers in the back of my mind. I quite liked the 60s atmosphere. The subject of depression and suicidal thoughts/attempts was not as heavy as I feared. What I like most about the club is that I read books that I usually won’t. It just broadens my spectrum of literature. What I dislike the most is a member who sees the club more as dinner entertainment, hasn’t read a book for the club in months, usually just watches a film when available and on the whole treats it all as a joke. How do you deal with this?

My next vacation is just around the corner, I will be leaving on Sunday morning for Rhodes, Greece. Still have not decided on my final book list for the trip, I find it is the best part of packing. I will bring probably “Furious Love”, the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, one more paperback and the e-reader for the rest. Can’t wait to be in the shade, read a book and when I get too hot go for a swim in the sea. Next post will be from the sea!
Yours, Pollybert

PS: Just so that you get an idea what kind of weather we will have in Greece