So this was Christmas

Finally the merry season is over! After an abundance of parties and other occasions which called for “excessive” drinking, we have now arrived shortly before New Year’s Eve. Which is great, comes with the new year not only a fresh start but also some new resolutions. The one from last year I achieved in May and then it all went downhill sportswise. Sorry to admit, but $#*! happens. It was wonderful to reach my self-imposed goal, only next time or rather next year I should keep on going. Better aim higher, already Nike said to just do it!

Whatever the costs to my waistline though, I had a wonderful December. Full of parties and lovely dinners. Not so many pictures though, I find that I tend to forget to take some when the spirits are high. The party season reached its peak with a surprise birthday party on the 25th, after that my body and mind demanded some down time. Which it got the last couple of days while doing exactly nothing at all. Here are some pictures though from the merry season, just looking at them reminds me of the fun times I had.003007IMG_9141IMG_9107

One more party and then the slim season is starting. Not much to celebrate in January (and I apologize to all the ones who have their birthday then; it is miserable month), just a straggler with an anti-Christmas party which is very much welcome this time of year. Du to the slim party pickings I have to concentrate on something else and settled on getting in shape again. With which I started yesterday by taking a walk through the city. I know you thought I would start with full power, but I like to ease into it. Here are some pictures from my excursion into the city before I settled in front of the tv again. Vienna with the first snow of the season.IMG_9124IMG_9125IMG_9126IMG_9129

I wish you all a Happy New Year and a blast while celebrating the end of the old year.
Yours, Pollybert


Lack of motivation

Since quite a while I lack the motivation to do any sports. Even though I wrote about running here we just made it outdoors once and that was that.
The Vienna Night Run came and went and I did not go. My running mate canceled due to back pain and I due to acute laziness. I am therefore on a mission to get back my motivation. How to go about that?

I wanted to start with a 10 day detox, also got canceled. Not due to motivation but due to a well-stocked fridge. Had to eat all the stuff first before it all goes bad. Have to keep with the saying ‘Waste not, want not”. Because who really wants to “want”?

So… great plans and nothing to show for it. And back to the question, how to go about it? Motivation is clearly not something found on the street but within me. I noticed that on Friday when I went to my Pilates class, not motivated but paid for. Which brings me to money: usually not a motivation factor. I don’t know how long I am already a supporting but not attending member of my gym I am. Since one hour Pilates exceeds the gym membership fee by 50%, money can be a motivation factor.

In case of Friday’s class a good trainer helps as well. Sara was pushing us so hard that we even stopped talking in between; we needed the time to catch our breath again. Which clearly shows I can be motivated with hard work and dedication. So I should start looking for that.
What I decided is that I will take it one day at the time. Of course I already thought about this on Saturday because that’s when I started to write this post. And also of course I haven’t made it outside to run, just to do other stuff. But this will be an extra post.
Anyway, I will go tonight! Promise to myself!
Yours, Pollybert

Back to running

What a lazy summer it has been so far! Heavenly! But all good things must come to an end and so has the non-running period to stop as well. The Vienna Nightrun is held at the end of September and the last time I went running was in May.

So, no better time like the present, my running partner Synne and I met Monday evening and we went for our first run in 3 months. Yeah!! Way to go. As you can see we couldn’t match our earlier times but that was not the point. We just wanted to get going and start running again.

Which we did now. So that’s a start.

It’s not as if I haven’t done anything all summer long, I still went to my HIIT classes once or twice a week. To be honest I am getting more and more exhausted from this work-out. I really think it helps but I need some variety. Therefore I started to do some Tracy Anderson at home. Which is actually working really well. Probably her method too if Gwyneth Paltrow is any evidence for it, but I have only tried a couple of times so far. So no visible changes to report at the moment. What I meant was the work out in front of my computer. Never thought I could motivate myself to do something at home while the couch is beckoning. But life is full of surprises!

It was actually my friend from Citycountry Bumpkin who wrote about it here which inspired me already last year to give it a try. After attempting it once I almost died from exhaustion. Now it feels different which has to be the result of one year of HIIT. The work-out is still exhausting but it’s not killing me. Which might means I am not doing it well enough. Ah, never mind! The point is to work out and get active, not to be extreme about it. In the end it is the fun factor which keeps me continuing. Ha, when I look at my pictures after running I am not sure what I am talking about though.
Yours, Pollybert

Under the Tuscan sun

Four days in Tuscany without any internet connection can feel like a long time. But it also feels immensely liberating not to look constantly at the phone.
This year we got lucky with four days without rain; sunshine and perfect pool weather almost all the time. But while lounging at the pool is preferable, Tuscany invites you to go and look at the scenery, the beautiful cities, villages and shops. And that’s what we did.

It took us all of Wednesday night to drive down to Florence. Around 6:30 we met up with friends for some coffee. Still looking fresh, don’t you think?005Finally at 9am we made it to Monika, the little café two long-winded curves above our Bed&Breakfast. After a round of coffee and dolci (tasty croissants) the day was spent at the pool, sleeping, reading or in Fanny’s case getting entertained by her mother.006A real lazy first day, drinks in the evening before dinner and an early night for me.014 016 017 018 029For three days I went running every morning with Eva, her dog Momo and Lilly. The two dogs were leading the way and knew exactly when to stop on the way back. Monika’s was the place to be in the morning, and if it wasn’t open when we arrived, we would take a walk around the church and the cemetery. Eventually almost all of our group made it up there for coffee before breakfast.037 038 040 041 048 050 052 054Friday was spent in Florence shopping, lots and lots of shopping. We had a walking tour planned around the duomo, in the end decided against it and went for ice cream. After an excessive shopping tour, one has only so much energy left. The rest of the day was again spent by the pool, with a good book and lots of water. Dinner was as usual a tasty affair as the lack of pictures indicates.

On Saturday my brother and I made a trip to Volterra. The village is now better know for its part in Twilight. At least the Volturi are supposed to live here. Which is not true, the movie was actually filmed in Montepulciano. Once I knew that it was clear why I couldn’t find the fountain that was shown in the movie. It’s just not there at the Piazza dei Priori.096
While shopping again, this time for an alabaster lamp, we went to see the Teatro Romano from the 1 century BC.077 079 081 083

A last afternoon by the pool, we decided against San Gimignano on the way back. 30 degrees and a lack of AC can do that to you. The scenery and Volterra from below were breathtaking though.105 107

Here some more impressions from four great days. We headed back to Vienna on Sunday, this time during the day since I had a plane to catch. Yours, Pollybert065 070 071 074 076 082 091 093 115

Happy, so happy

The Women’s Run in Vienna is always a big spectacle. It is also a chance for me to see if I have improved my running skills and speed. This year, instead of the usual team of four, we were only two (with around 31k other women). Which meant that I had to run alone because my team-mate had some serious training deficit.

So along with thousand of others we lined up and waited for the start.070071072
And then we started and I ran like crazy, almost at least. I listened to Lilly Allen and credit her album “It’s not me, it’s you” for the perfect run along music. Because I am getting nearer to my goal of 5:30/km for 2014. Drumroll please! Here are the results:
I ranked 181 of 1606 or so who qualified in my age group. Isn’t that great? So I achieved a km time of 5:35 with my worst km just under 6 minutes. That’s so amazing and gives me hope that this year I can get under the 5:30 in a 5k race. I know that I bore some of you with my sports achievements but I am super proud of myself and couldn’t help smiling all day yesterday!
Yours, Pollybert