Mountain flight 

Wake-up alarm at 5:15 and I had no problem to get up. I got ready within 15 minutes and had time for a banana. The banana was green but tasted ripe and ready. Then a call from reception that we should come down, our driver was waiting. With a couple that we met last night, we started our trip.

At this time it was already light outside, also some joggers were on the way and just a bit of traffic. Upon our arrival at the airport I got a slight shock, I forgot our tickets and any ID. And although I was starting to sweat inside, it turned out to be ok. The couple with us showed their ticket and it was enough to get us inside. Sylvia of course had her passport copy and with this and our names on the list we got our boarding passes. And from here on, please just enjoy.IMG_0330
IMG_0345These green hills are called mole hills by the locals because compared to the Himalayan mountains they are of course tiny.

This one is for my mother, she wanted me to greet the Everest. So here it is, right from the cockpit, the mountain that looks like a W turned upside down and the great one is the left one of the two.IMG_0353

I am sorry that I can’t tell you the names of the mountains but the pictures are spectacular.

At the top of the world watching these mountains, we were served a glass of champagne which made the whole experience into an unforgettable memory. Yours, PollybertIMG_0380 IMG_0382 IMG_0395 IMG_0400 IMG_0412IMG_0417 IMG_0431


A long day ends in Kathmandu 

Tuesday morning I woke up at 5:30, one of the few times that my nerves got the better of me. But when you start a 3 months long trip I think it’s allowed.

Since the check-in the night before at Landstraße hadn’t worked (who would have thought that Vienna is after all just a provincial nest and not a cosmopolitan city)due to the closing of said check-in at 9pm and our arrival at 9:07, I decided that to wait for sleep was useless. Rather get up and go. By 7am I was at the check-in and at 7:20 at work.

Work was over in a flash and then it was already time to go to the airport. We look so happy, not knowing that an 18h trip is just very long.IMG_0295 We went to London and from there to Dheli. I passed the flight trying to sleep, but there was a baby in front. Even with earplugs there was just no escape. of course in time for breakfast it was sleeping like an angel.

Dheli then was a different experience which basically started with split pants right before security.IMG_0302

So when we finally made it through security I had to buy first of all pants. What a promising start to this adventure but after 12 years of good service it was time ro move on.

With these little problems behind us we boarded the flight to Kathmandu and promptly had a delay. I used the time to catch up on sleep, not successful though since I woke up every time my head hit my chest. For the long wait then we were first served a cold beer. No complaint here. IMG_0306

And also lunch was served on this short flight which was quite good actually and well needed since I had missed dinner the night before.IMG_0307

Kathmandu airport is very small and currently under construction. But our bags arrived and that was all we needed. Plus the driver outside who already waited for us with a sign. In no time we arrived at our hotel and were greeted by our local organizer Progess. Just love the name.IMG_0317


The  Tibet Guest House will be our home for the next two days. With Progress we organized a mountain flight for the next day, plus the guy for the Tibet visa made his way to our hotel after Progress called him. Final task for the day was a visit to an ATM and to get some water. After that off to bed. Yours, Pollybert