Good company in misery

With fall not only arrives the colder season but also the flu. This year it caught me unawares and I struggled with it for about 10 days. 5 of them I had to stay in bed. Worst of luck: 3 days of these were on the weekend and they were the most beautiful fall days imaginable.
So what’s a girl to do when fighting with multiple bacilli? Exactly, she is starting with a new TV series when not sleeping.

I got hooked on Scandal. Wow, wow, wow! Kerry Washington is so amazing and everybody else on the cast as well. I love it that even the villains are likable from time to time. So while lying in bed and getting my well needed rest, I also got some great entertainment. Find the time to watch it (and you don’t need to be sick!), you won’t regret it!
Yours, Pollybert