A long day ends in Kathmandu 

Tuesday morning I woke up at 5:30, one of the few times that my nerves got the better of me. But when you start a 3 months long trip I think it’s allowed.

Since the check-in the night before at Landstraße hadn’t worked (who would have thought that Vienna is after all just a provincial nest and not a cosmopolitan city)due to the closing of said check-in at 9pm and our arrival at 9:07, I decided that to wait for sleep was useless. Rather get up and go. By 7am I was at the check-in and at 7:20 at work.

Work was over in a flash and then it was already time to go to the airport. We look so happy, not knowing that an 18h trip is just very long.IMG_0295 We went to London and from there to Dheli. I passed the flight trying to sleep, but there was a baby in front. Even with earplugs there was just no escape. of course in time for breakfast it was sleeping like an angel.

Dheli then was a different experience which basically started with split pants right before security.IMG_0302

So when we finally made it through security I had to buy first of all pants. What a promising start to this adventure but after 12 years of good service it was time ro move on.

With these little problems behind us we boarded the flight to Kathmandu and promptly had a delay. I used the time to catch up on sleep, not successful though since I woke up every time my head hit my chest. For the long wait then we were first served a cold beer. No complaint here. IMG_0306

And also lunch was served on this short flight which was quite good actually and well needed since I had missed dinner the night before.IMG_0307

Kathmandu airport is very small and currently under construction. But our bags arrived and that was all we needed. Plus the driver outside who already waited for us with a sign. In no time we arrived at our hotel and were greeted by our local organizer Progess. Just love the name.IMG_0317


The  Tibet Guest House will be our home for the next two days. With Progress we organized a mountain flight for the next day, plus the guy for the Tibet visa made his way to our hotel after Progress called him. Final task for the day was a visit to an ATM and to get some water. After that off to bed. Yours, Pollybert


About a week ago Sylvia, Angie and I went for dinner to Yak & Yeti. The restaurant serves authentic Nepalese cuisine and I wanted to make sure that whatever they serve is edible. All with good reason since Sylvia and I are leaving tomorrow for Kathmandu. In case of terrible food I would have packed some snacks. As it turned out this will not be necessary.

IMG_0231 The Yak&Yeti restaurant is located in the back of an old building and has a cozy courtyard which is decorated with little flags in all colors.IMG_0233

The restaurant has themes on three nights a week and we happened to visit on momo night. The place itself is small but fills up quickly; without a reservation I am not sure if we had gotten a table. I also noticed that the tables have a quick turnover. People come for food but do not linger over drinks. IMG_0235
We started with some bread and then quickly ordered the momos which came in four different kind of flavors.IMG_0237IMG_0239

The salad which was served alongside was delicious, the starter bread as well but the momos had a bit of a ‘prepared’ taste; meaning that they must have waited assembled on the plate for a bit. Not too long since they would have been totally dry after a while but long enough to make the dough quite chewy. The fillings inside were of similar texture and taste, so I only could only differentiate between meat and vegetable (which is already something, because some store-bought ravioli taste of sawdust). I liked that you could really get a second helping as advertised but minded that the bill showed one drink too many (I really hate to get cheated on).

In the end what mattered was that the food was edible and it passed this test with flying colors. So upon our arrival on Wednesday I will try the real Nepalese food and will let you know the difference.
Yours, Pollybert

Le Bol

If you get the impression that I am starting to write a lot about eating out then you are totally right. The idea of breaking bread with your friends is an old one and the older I get the more important it becomes. The sharing of a meal is actually quite an intimate affair and it provides a great setting for meeting friends. So instead of just drinking and talking sh*t, we eat before and talk sh*t later.

Last Friday I was meeting Annemarie, whom you already met on our vacation in Marbella. She suggested going to  Le Bol, a French Café/Bistro that I sometimes frequent for coffee. So far I had never been for dinner or actually any other food to think of it. So it was high time to try it.

We had a reservation which was more than necessary at this place. At 6:30 sharp our table got vacated and we were allowed to sit down. I assume if you don’t reserve then you might a place at the community table, but having a reservation helps to get one of the smaller ones. On sitting down I noticed that actually the ‘slot-reservation’ had come to Vienna as well without my notice. At least it was charmingly written in French.Le Bol

We ordered our drinks (after all what is dinner without a glass of wine) and looked over the menu. There was not a lot of variety; it amounted to salads, sandwiches and quiches. I chose the grilled goat cheese salad which came highly recommended by Annemarie.IMG_0203IMG_0201Not only did it look mouth-watering, it also tasted so. The dressing was well balanced and didn’t overwhelm the flavors of the cheese and the leafy greens. A perfect fit.

Meanwhile Annemarie ordered the French onion soup and a Mediterranean salad. IMG_0197
I was not so sure about the soup but Annemarie was cold and it seemed to do the trick. The salad as well worked its magic since it was gone in a flash.

For dessert we ordered a chocolate éclair, a favorite of Annemarie. For me it was a bit on the sweet side. I am always into sweet things but this one was too sugary.IMG_0205

All in all a very pleasant evening. In the end I see this bistro rather as a lunch favorite than an evening restaurant. But if you are in the mood for a light and easy fare then this is the right place for you.
Yours, Pollybert

On Market

After a lazy stroll around the Freihausviertel and the Naschmarkt, we settled on ON Market for dinner. Evi and I were joined by Cat which made dinner all the merrier. Love it when there are more plates to try from.

Anyway here is the restaurant, beautiful as ever. The huge ceiling lamp has such a big impact style-wise. This and the clothes panels give the place a very distinct feeling. 012013

For drinks I decided on something new and tried the cherry soda. Definitely something you should avoid, tasted totally chemical. For the same color go for the raspberry soda, 014has probably the same chemicals inside but tasted way better.

The menu overwhelmed us a bit with lots of delicious sounding descriptions. Besides the regular menu there are also weekly changing dishes. We finally ended up ordering squid, spicy beef and Asian fish & chips.015
I know the squid looks weird but was excellent. Very juicy and cooked to perfection, easy to cut and not rubbery at all (rarely achieved in Vienna).

016Spicy means hot here, even though it looked harmless it was far from it. So if you can’t take the heat, order it toned down.

017Must have been really good because when I wanted to try it, the fish was already gone.

It was as usual a pleasure to eat here and I loved it that the service has improved.
Yours, Pollybert

An afternoon stroll through Vienna

Usually I spend my Saturday afternoons on the couch, reading a book, following sport on TV or just taking a nap. But once in while I can be enticed to wander around in Vienna. Ok, that was maybe exaggerated. I don’t wander aimlessly around in Vienna. I don’t care so much because I am not a tourist in my city. And this is the problem. Vienna has so much to offer if one cares enough to take a closer look! Which I did last Saturday with my friend Evi. We walked around the Freihausviertel and a bit further afield and after a while I started to take some pictures. There were really some gorgeous shops in the area.

Take a look at this one, called Elfenkleid.006002
003 Just the way all these clothes were hanging from one color to the next was so beautiful. And then this tasteful flower arrangement on the desk. Very impressive!

A bit further we found a shop called sattGarten which was full of cosmetic brands I have never heard before.011
They closed immediately after we left, maybe they were tired of people like us just looking (and by looking I mean of course touching because how can you otherwise look? I prefer the haptic look) at everything but not buying anything. We circled the shop once and after a couple of inquiring questions from Evi we left.008009

Our last shopping stop was at Bananas, a furniture store with stuff from almost all decades of the last century. There were a few things I would have taken home with me if I had the necessary space. In the end I found something (or rather Evi when she went back there on Monday). But this is a surprise for someone else.
Yours, Pollybert