What I learned in Vietnam 

As done before (click here and here) this is what I learned in Vietnam:

1. Coffee is served with a cup of light, cool green tea instead of water.

2. Going off the beaten path, to a place where tourists are still a welcome novelty, is a great idea (charm and money wise).

3. Saying yes to new adventures is the difference between traveling and discovering a country.

4. But doing stuff along with hundreds of tourists can also be great (like Ha Long Bay).

5. Some farmers in rural areas walk their cows. And not from A to B but to let them graze.

6. Young locals will come up to you and talk. They don’t want to scam you, they just want to practice their English.

7. The Vietnamese wear helmets on the road.

8. The food in Vietnam is the best. But here I also had the blandest food of my trip. Mostly while on tours.

9. When people tell you to bring insect repellent it really means to wear a body protection suit. At least for me.

10. Always, always bargain. The asking price is just an opening for a lengthy discussion.

11. Don’t scratch the mosquito bites, you will only make it worse.

12. Salt is served with sugar cane juice to cut the sweetness. You dip your straw in and stir it in; and it tastes surprisingly good!

13. It doesn’t matter if you get wet in the rain, it’s like swimming in the sea without the salt.

14. The best way to start the day is with a Pho.

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